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Common diseases encountered in Alaskan dogs


Otodectes cynotis ticks is very common in dogs, cats, foxes and rabbits. Mites live on the outer surface of the ear canal, eat the host skin and suck the host lymph material to live. The trigger is an itchy, irritating host that is inflamed, exuded and formed in an ear.

Use a mineral oil such as a light mineral oil applied to the ear canal and then wipe to clean the ear, the ear secretions will help to remove the ticks. After cleaning the ears use a scabies remedy such as rotenone, diethyl phtalate, or pyrethrins to apply once every three days, repeating in 4 times.

Parasitic tick disease on Alaskan dog fur

The tick is a type of parasite in dogs, it not only disputes the host’s nutrition but also transmits a number of dangerous diseases to dogs.

The ticks often cling inside and outside the ear, the neck and the toes. In severe infection, ticks can be felt all over the body, sometimes thousands of ticks on one host, causing damage, producing inflammatory reactions, making dogs itchy and uncomfortable, scratching regularly can cause secondary infections, abscesses or ulcer.

Parasitic madness on Alaskan dog fur

There are two types of parasitic lice in dogs: Hair-eating lice and Blood-sucking scales.

– Pubic lice:  Life cycle is only experienced on the host, the female lays eggs, the head is white with a cap attached to the host fur, 512 days hatches into larvae and molt 3 times in 1216 days to become an adult. .

– Blood-sucking lice: The  lice lay their eggs on the feathers, the nits hatched with nymphs and after 3 molting times to mature, the whole life cycle took 23 weeks.

Worms in the eyes

They usually parasitize in the cornea pocket or in the dog’s cornea. This disease will cause the dog to have conjunctivitis and produce a lot of tears, fear of light. In severe cases can cause ulceration and corneal opaque. Adult worms can be found in conjunctival sacs and the larvae are often in tears.

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